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Big Top Circus tents are suitable for more than just circus performances…… Festivals, live shows, fun days and even weddings can be held in our fantastically vibrant tents. Check out below for more information



See our commonly asked questions about Big Top and Little Top Circus Tents below

What are the benefits of a Big Top tent over a Marquee?

Big Top Tents have a wonderfully open and spacious interior feel and often add a sense of occasion to any event. With they’re old school look and vibrant colours they certainly add more of a spectacle with the large interior space also lending itself to larger more impressive productions.

What are the site requirements for erecting a Big Top Tent?

Soft Standing i.e. grass, Enough floor space (size of Big Top plus 10m for straps), Relatively level ground (If unsure please call), No overhead cables within 10m of footprint.

What can I use a Big Top Tent for?

Our Big Top tents with their large open interiors are fantastically versatile meaning they are brilliant for almost any outdoor event you might have planned. Interesting dinner venues, wedding venues, seminars, speeches, performances and galleries to name a few.

Do you provide other production services?

Yes, at Intentcity we pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of every eventuality that can arise when it comes to event sites and offer most on-site event services. Please see our full production page or give us a call for more information.


Big Top Circus tents are fantastically versatile structures and have been traditionally used for many years for the purposes of entertainment and spectacle. The spacious interior provides all sorts of options and uses for many different types of events. From interesting dinner venues, wedding venues, seminars and speeches to performances, showcases, galleries and of course live music. The old school look and vibrant colours really add a sense of theatre to any event.

Our Big Top tents offer full 360-degree weather proofing and can be configured with as many entrances and exits as you need. The interior can also be provided with any staging, lighting or seating requirements depending on your event as well as blackout roof sheets to give your show the best visuals possible.

Our Circus tents follow much the same design that has been used for countless years in this industry, though of course with a few modern touches to bring them into the 21st century. They are erected around a sturdy steel king pole or poles in the centre with the PVC roof sheets then pulled out to meet the side walls. This creates a large open internal space whist still being mobile enough for temporary use. As always, all our structures comply with relevant health & safety, weight loading and weather proofing regulations.

Please note, only to be used on grass or soft standing.

Big Top Circus Tent at night
Big Top Circus Tent
23m round tent at festival
30m twin pole round tent
Bespoke structure outside Circus Tent

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